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PUAWER005B Operate as part of an emergency control organisation (Warden).

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PUAWER006B Lead an emergency control organisation (Chief Warden).

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PUAWER008B Confine small workplace emergencies (fire extinguishers).

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Exercise – Conduct an exercise & debrief for a given scenario.

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Skills Maintenance – Conduct awareness training covering Warden & Chief Warden.

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Skills Maintenance – Conduct awareness training covering Warden, Chief Warden and First Attack training (fire Extinguishers).

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Targeted fire warden training
Most field are optional – even so, please send us as much information as possible so we can ensure your training is targeted at you specific environment.

Targeted fire warden training

Are you completing the right training for your organisation?

If you have done accredited emergency warden training over the past few years. Its likely good quality skills maintenance/development is all that is required. This should be complete by an experienced trainer. Furthermore, the cost is generally less than accredited training.

Some of the elements included in our training.
  • Respond to emergency reports, signals and warnings
  • Initiate and control initial emergency response
  • Anticipate the further development of emergencies
  • Assist with post initial response
  • Prepare for workplace emergencies
  • Apply command, control and coordinate aspects of workplace emergency procedures
  • Control the response to emergency reports, signals and warnings
  • Coordinate reports and results of initial emergency response
  • Conclude incident
  • Prepare for emergency situations
  • Identify and assess the emergency
  • Safely confine emergencies where possible
  • Use initial response equipment
  • Report workplace emergency response

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